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Want to share your business ideas with the rest of the world? Well, here’s the opportunity for you – we’re looking for enthusiastic bloggers.

What we’re looking for

Here’s a list of things that we expect from our guest writers:

  • Industry experience

Experience shows, and we like that. Tell us what makes you an expert in your field, whether you’re an entrepreneur, designer, developer, or just a knowledgeable writer.

  • Basic grammar knowledge

While we don’t mind editing your article, you should proof-read it before it’s submitted. We want to spend time publishing quality content, not editing apostrophe placements.

  • A positive, informative voice

We want to hear your voice in your articles, but remember to keep ours in mind, too. We like to keep things positive, informative, and inspiring. None of that whiney stuff, please.

 Rules of participation:

Below are the guiding principle for guest posting:

  1. We generally don’t like republishing. Content should be unique.
  2. Readability test will be done. It should pass that.
  3. The insightful article is always welcome even privileged.
  4. Backlinks are allowed. We hate spammers.
  5. Banner Image of size 850 X 500 px
  6. Short Author bio and Author image of size 90 X 90 px

You can share your article for review. Our content team will review the post and provide you feedback for the same. In case the article demands to edit, they will make the necessary editing and update you accordingly.

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