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Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Rule in 2020

With the evolution of new technologies and high ux experience expectations, digital marketing trends are changing vividly. People love be interacted in an innovative way in fast-paced marketing environment and appreciate when their voices are heard instantly. In order to keep the effectiveness of the digital marketing practices alive companies need to stay updated with upcoming digital marketing trends. With classical digital marketing practices like SEO, PPC, content marketing, marketing automation, it’s time to integrate AI and ML based technologies to stay ahead in the competition.

Year 2020 will witness a benchmark in the history, as the beginning of the new decade ahead will bring lot more automation in digital marketing practices. Businesses have to build an inclusive digital marketing approach to be in top search results and they should precisely focus on each marketing aspect to be in the line of sight of their audience.

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Below are top 7 digital marketing trends that will create buzz in the industry in 2020 and will be accepted hands-on by the marketers:

#1. Voice Search: Voice search using voice assistants (voice assistance devices: alexa, google, Siri) are rapidly gaining popularity and proving to be an emergent technology that will change the course of digital marketing practices.  According to marketsandmarkets voice assistance market application market size will go from USD 1.3 billion in 2019 to USD 5.2 billion by 2024. Already there will be 67 million voice-assisted devices in use in US by the end of 2019 and with passing year, millions more will add worldwide.

Voice Search in Digital Marketing

The market is huge and business have to integrate voice search with digital marketing practices to leverage its applicability. Voice search provide relevant information via audio content and search featured snippets to derive the search result. However, it’s really tough to be in featured snippets, hence companies are focusing on creating and optimizing content for voice search.

#2. Chatbots: Chatbots are perfect example of how AI and ML are making their space in digital marketing. Chatbots are artificial intelligence based software to automate the process of communication with the website visitors. Chatbots opens communication window and visitor just have to initiate the communication related to their queries. Chatbots operates 24*7, in real-time and interacts with customers or website visitors.

Chatbot in Digital Marketing

Chatbot allows digital marketing professionals to automate the marketing process. It gathers customer’s details like, name, email, query, and other relevant information, that may assist the businesses in sales call. By 2021, chatbot market may reach USD 3,172 (marketsandmarkets). Based on usage, chatbot market will take a paradigm shift from website to mobile platforms in 2020.

#3. Interactive Content: A good quality well researched content with proper keyword density, proper white space, relevant stats and images helps in getting good traffic. Getting good traffic is only meaningful, if content becomes engaging. Now trend is changing, people just not want reading a content in a monotonous fashion, they want engagement while investing time in the content piece and an interactive content is a good fit here.

Interactive Content in Digital Marketing

An interactive content keeps audience engaged and participated in the content. Including polls, surveys and quizzes in the content piece (Blogposts, video, infographics etc.) creates a differentiating factor from other competitors and enhance website over all user experience.

Year 2020 will witness changing trends in content writing and businesses seeking direct audience feedback on their product or services and wish to improve efficiency of their content will include interactive content practices in their digital marketing strategies.

#4. Social Messaging Apps: Social media apps (like twitter, linkedin, facebook, Instagram) and instant messaging apps (like WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) are very effective channels for digital marketing.

Engagement through these social networking apps are very niche and personalized and they help in improving professional bond with customer, improving sales, delivering product information, involve customers in events, tradeshows etc.

Social Messaging in Digital Marketing

Social messaging apps will retain their prominence in engaging the customers throughout the sales funnel and will remain undisputedly one of the major digital marketing practice for 2020.

#5. Personalization: Personalization relates to address the problem statement of your audience (buyer persona) and market the right product or service, at the right time in order to create a better chance to win an interaction with the prospect.

Personalization in Marketing

Website personalization approach provides every visitor a unique experience of the website. Due to this customers feels more engaged and perceive a great user experience. Personalized ads, promotions, quizzes, polls, exit intent popups and personalized recommendation during checkout helps.

Personalization can be achieved in email campaigns to the business prospects via tools like hubspot, mail chimp, as they assist in populating segmented email list.

#6. AMP Stories: Accelerated mobile pages are already helping digital marketing teams in businesses to provide faster mobile experience of their website to their customers.

AMP (launched by google in 2015) is clearly a differentiating factor in deciding mobile search engine rankings. AMP optimized websites load quickly and rank better resulting in more conversions of visitors into customers.

AMP in Digital Marketing

Recently in 2019 Google released AMP stories, a mobile focused visual storytelling format for the open web. It’s features are similar to Instagram and AMP stories content appears directly in search result page.

In 2020 and the decade ahead, business will include AMP stories in their digital marketing practices and will focus on creating interactive stories to reach their audience efficiently.

#7. Highly Specific Content: Google has recently updated its search algorithm BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), and it will lay direct impact on content quality with the minute details. With BERT ony highly specific content will win the game and in some way it will affect brand’s organic traffic.

Content in Digital Marketing


BERT based on neural networks of algorithms will seek very specific quality content with reference to query raised in google and no matter your content has 500 words or 5000 words, if it is not making sense, it will be harder to get it ranked.

From content marketing perspective in 2020, for companies to be in the limelight will have focus highly specific content.

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