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SEO Strategies That Will Work for 2018

We are living in the last quarter of 2017. The holiday season is just a step away. Every small and large organization must be preparing themselves for selling more this holiday season. Christmas 2016 was the most successful year for digital sales, therefore companies are hoping for robust growth in 2017 as well.

Both small companies and industry giants are planning different digital marketing strategies for increasing revenue with their picture perfect online presence. No matter what success stories you may hear, SEO is still a leading strategy for increasing visibility and overall revenue.

Top companies have the habit of starting to plan for the next year right from the beginning of last quarter. If you have initiated the planning your SEO strategy for 2018, be prepared for the upcoming trends and tactics. As I discussed on my previous blog – it’s a new age of SEO and it keeps changing according to the behavior of the users. So, let’s check what this New Year brings to the SEO and what are the strategies that we need to follow in 2018.

Focus on your Brand Image

In this modern day game of SEO, many businesses and organizations are preparing themselves for brand building. The brand is the key to greater sales. Get your brand listed in Google SERPs and see the magic.  Studies proved that consumers will be more likely to trust your services and products of you have a strong brand image. New SEO demands robust branding strategy. Social media deliberately becoming an integral part of digital marketing strategy. Use social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for spreading the word about your brand.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Having focus on accelerated mobile pages is one of the top emerging trends you need to integrate into your 2018 plan. Google is now more focused towards mobile and mobile page speed since last few years. AMP was started to getting privileged when Google announced it two years back and since then everyone is concentrating towards it. These pages are specially designed for blogs, news content or any other reading stuff with minimal HTML coding. Users can access these pages faster in mobile and hence user experience is said to be excellent for AMP pages.

All SEOs understand the value of page speed. Therefore, accelerated mobile pages are on bang these days and will continue in coming years. So, if you have nor prepared your strategy for AMP pages yet, this is the best time to plan for it. You will definitely see the better results.

Want to know more about AMP pages, check out here: –

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Content Driven SEO Approach

In SEO, we understand the value of the content. As per the current scenario, just uniqueness of any content is not enough. This is the era of ‘Smart Content’. HubSpot defines ‘smart content’, “content that is intelligently personalized to your customer’s needs”.

Responsiveness and Optimize for Mobile

Mobile is a big drive in 2017 and will continue to be bigger in 2018. Since 2015, mobile devices are overtaking desktops as the primary device for website access.  So, remember the mobile first approach and optimize your website better for mobile devices. Along with factors like speed and user experience, Google wants you to deliver mobile-friendly content.

Responsive website design is the most recommended method and Google’s favorite way to tackle mobile friendliness. You should use tools from Google for testing mobile usability while developing your website. You can also check Search Console for tracking mobile usability reports page by page. Google Search Console has improved its report structure and providing mobile clearer reports on mobile usability.

Websites having least impact on mobile optimization will suffer from traffic loss and hence don’t be a part of that. Optimize your website for mobiles and win more traffic in 2018.

Rise in Visualization and Analytics intelligent tool

Usage of advanced analytical tools and data visualization resources has significantly increased for finely tuned SEO process. As discussed earlier, SEO is more about user experience these days and therefore understanding customer behavior is very important for getting potential growth. We require data visualization tools for the following analysis:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • User Behavioral tracking

If you are using Google Analytics for tracking user behaviors, you must be aware of Analytics Intelligence. Dozens of data visualization and analytics tools are available for advanced SEO techniques. Use them efficiently and rise your results.

Here’s a complete guide of Visualizing SEO: Why Visualizing SEO Data Matters

Link Building Strategy 2018

Link building is always a critical factor in a successful SEO. You need to be very careful about link building these days. The better authoritative links your website has, the better chances are there to appear on the top.

Some of the SEO’s are not practicing off page SEO techniques or older link building techniques to be on safer side. But truth is that you need links if you need organic reach. Backlinks are still important for getting ranked on Google SEPRs.

So, what will be the top link building techniques that will work in 2018?

Here you go:

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Mention influencers in your post
  3. Prospect for broken links
  4. Use infographics for more engagement
  5. Links from Videos

Here is the recent blog from Aleh Barysevich amazingly explaining about Top 5 Link Building Methods for 2018 According to Advanced SEOs

That is not to say that these are the only strategies that will work in the coming year 2018. Remember, SEO is all about experimenting new tactics and approaches mentioned above are just to focus on what’s there in current trends. If you want better organic results, you need to focus on new strategies and new approaches. Keep updating yourself from Insight Serves – Brand new learning platform.

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