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It’s a New Age of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a new term in the digital scenario. This technological era demands online presence. Therefore, SEO seems to be a buzzword for startups & SMEs. They know the importance of doing SEO to reach their target audiences.

Many SMEs & Startups that are executing SEO process are curious to learn about the significance and changing trends of SEO. This is because they are just walked into the phase of exploring novel values of SEO for their presence.  If you are a startup, you must have asked this question to yourself – Will SEO leverage the power to compete with big giants? Startups should realize the fact that SEO is not a magic, but it has the potential to provide enormous business success among your competitors. SEO is equally effective and valuable regardless of business sizes.

SEO is constantly changing practice, and it needs to follow latest trends and updates to reach the top. Let’s get some insights on what does it take to reach the top position in leading search engines like Google along with the changing trends of SEO.

SEO in Older Days vs. All New SEO – 2017

Now when we all know that SEO is evolving day by day, we cannot ignore the fact that some of the standard old-school practices are no longer effective. We need to accept and implement all new rock-solid SEO strategies and tactics.

Traditional vs User Focused SEO


Why your approach must change?

Good question! You like it or not, but the SEO practices have changed their way from old traditional techniques to new highly efficient technological strategies. Find the way to escape from an ancient way of thinking and focus on new strategies, techniques, and rivalries. Learning the new SEO process isn’t as tedious or hectic task as it looks like. The sooner you start to learn, the better-off you will be.

So, what are the things that you need to stop and what is the current scenario? To answer this, I would like to ask one more question to those who are implementing SEO process for a long time –

Have you ever get penalized or punished from Google or any other search engines?

Whom will you blame for this? The SEOs working for you or the strategies you worked upon? I can proudly say I have never been responsible for such punishments or penalties from Google Penguin or Panda updates. During my last seven years of experience, I have seen the traffic and Google ranking falling due to the updates or some old SEO tactics. I believe SEO is more of experimental task, not just a process to follow step by step. Things which are working fine for your website are good for you and which are not, are just ruthless for you. Remember, I did not say don’t follow Guidelines or Algorithms. Read the guidelines, understand the Algorithms but when you are implementing anything which is beneficial for you as well as for your users, things might get reformed.

Google Guidelines and Algorithms

Know the reason behind setting up the algorithms. The most common mistake that most SEOs made traditionally was focusing on short keywords. Keywords are important, but understand the actual meaning of using the keyword, which is Topic. Understanding the concept of Algorithms and implementing best marketing practices for users is important these days. Don’t just write the content because SEO demands, try to craft it for your readers. Get some knowledge on how your readers will get benefit from your content and targeted keywords. SEO these days is all about user experience. Content is always a king. Deliver the exceptional content to your users that provides unique value. Just the uniqueness of the content isn’t enough; it should offer worth to the users.

8 major Google algorithm updates, explained

The way of targeting has now been changed from short-term or long-term to most searched term. Focus on the topic, optimize your content for highly searched terms smartly and see the success. Just to recall, SEO is not the magic but a way to success. It’s a slow process, if you think results may reflect on a week or two, then don’t try this technique, you will lose. It takes the time to show the necessary results. So, if you want immediate results, SEO is not for you.

Building links for getting a good number of quality backlinks has always been a useful technique in off page SEO. But relevancy is more important these days. A number of quality links still matter in SEO, but building brand name is more efficient. So focus on building brand name rather than link building.

What You Should Avoid

Avoid using old school off page SEO techniques and think out of the box about new techniques.

Old techniques that you should avoid are:

  • Bulk Article Submission
  • Press Releases without News
  • Bulk directory Submission in irrelevant websites
  • Participating in unrelated forums and discussion
  • Buying Links
  • Reciprocal link building
  • Avoid mass marketing and focus on building relationships.

Sticking Point

Even if you don’t wish to spend more budget on Internet marketing, you can improve your SEO strategies by keeping points mentioned above in your mind as you move ahead. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will be on your way to seeing enormous growth and meaningful results from your investments.

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